Because it’s individualized

I provide 100% hand-tailored feedback, lessons, guidance, and direction, Monday through Friday, on projects and assignments that you choose or design. Other companies provide canned lessons, and only once-a-week feedback. My instruction addresses the student’s unique needs and skills as a writer.

woman using computer

Because you are in charge

This is your course! As an adult learner, you have control over what writing you want to work on. As a school student, I can help you with your class assignments. As a homeschool parent, you can tell me what sort of writing projects you want your child to work on. You can provide your own original projects, or you can incorporate assignments from an outside curriculum.

Because you receive daily feedback

I respond to all student work within 24 business hours. Most students submit their work five times a week (once per day), and receive five sets of individualized lessons and feedback in return.

Because of experience

With years of experience in individualized instruction, I have fine-tuned my ability to see each student’s unique needs. I have classroom teaching experience. I have consistently received positive feedback from students and parents. And my various published writings show that I know how to apply the methods I teach.

Because I understand that writing is thinking

Writing is far more than expression. Writing represents a road map of our thoughts. It is the means by which we revise our ideas and understanding.