1. At no point will your e-mail address, contact information, or any personal information ever be sold or communicated to any individuals outside of our organization. All information is kept confidential.

2. Parents are required to monitor any and all correspondence that passes between their children and Mr. Lux.

3. Mr. Lux will honor any and all parent requests in regard to the student’s writing instruction, so long as such requests do not violate any Lux Writing Center policy.

4. Mr. Lux responds to student and parent messages within 24 hours of receiving the messages. The only exceptions to this are weekends, holidays, and unpredictable emergencies.

5. At no point will Mr. Lux speak to a student or parent on the phone, through video call, or in person.

6. Mr. Lux will not comment on a student’s or parent’s religious or political beliefs, though he may certainly assist students with papers which deal with religious and/or political subjects.

7. If you take a break from the course (as in the case of a vacation or emergency) without asking for your course to be suspended while you are away, we will not add your break-time to the end of the course.  Personal emergencies are an exception.

8. Lux Writing Center is closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (December 24th and 25th).