Christopher ranks among the finest writing consultants the company has ever had.  His ability to get students excited about their writing, and to deliver focused, quality instruction, is astounding.

Benjamin Ludwig, Former Owner of Write Guide


Mr. Lux is highly intelligent, deeply knowledgeable about his field, passionate about sharing his knowledge with others, and compassionate in all his relations with others. In the years that I have known him, I have found Mr. Lux to have a deep passion for learning everything he can about writing and teaching. I am impressed with how tireless he has been in his pursuit of knowledge and in developing his skills. Mr. Lux stands out as one of the very best.

Kevin Bezner, Ph.D


During his time at CEDEI, Christopher Lux was assigned different levels of English courses, from beginner to advanced; he followed the prescribed curriculum, developed his own lesson plans, and created his own activities to suit the needs of the learners in his classes.

At CEDEI, teachers are observed during their teaching time by one of our lead teachers or the Director as well as evaluated by their students. Christopher’s observation and student evaluations were consistently positive. Additionally, he had a strong background on English writing, which was of benefit to CEDEI’s students.

Elisabeth Rodas, MA, Director of CEDEI’s English Program


While employed as Professional Tutor, Chris was knowledgeable, punctual, polite, respectful, and dedicated to helping any student who came to him for assistance.

Kimberly L. Stallings, Academic Resource Specialist, Belmont Abbey College