Students enrolled in the individualized writing course work with  a writing consultant, every day, Monday through Friday, on papers and projects of their choosing. I provide 100% individualized, hand-tailored instruction to meet each student’s precise needs as a writer.

The course offers complete flexibility, allowing parents and students to select — and even design — the assignments.

Enrollment is ongoing throughout the calendar year, so you can schedule a course to begin on any day you wish, as long as it’s not a weekend or holiday. All aspects of the writing process are covered, including generating ideas, pre-writing, outlining, research, taking notes, drafting, controlling tone, sentence and paragraph structure, literary and stylistic devices, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, editing, proofreading, and the process of revision.

I believe that the direction of a writing course should be determined by you. I am happy to take the lead, but my preference is to honor your decisions and input.

The instruction is asynchronous, meaning there aren’t any scheduled meeting times. Instead, a student can email me when ready to submit work or ask a question, and I will always reply within 24 business hours. I provide approximately 30 to 45 minutes of work per day.

You can enroll for any number of months you wish, but the smallest block of time I can offer is a one month session. Because the course is truly individualized, there can be no predetermined syllabus. Rather, you work with me to decide on a project. After the first project is complete, I will be glad to recommend a new project or will work on any project provided or decided upon by you.

Courses can be scheduled to begin on any weekday, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.