Lux Writing Center courses are done through email. Students communicate with Mr. Lux either through their own email address or their parent’s email address. All email is sent to


Writing projects can be attached to student emails as Microsoft Word documents. Mr. Lux will then be able to access the student’s work and respond via email with feedback.

Google Docs

An alternative method of feedback  is through Google Docs. A Google Doc can be created where the student develops writing from start to finish, and Mr. Lux provides feedback through comments on the document. In this case, the emails will be used only to notify each other (the student and Mr. Lux) that changes and/or comments have been made in the document. This is a very effective approach that allows the student to see their entire work and progress in one document, along with the feedback from Mr. Lux.

You can view a recently completed project a student did through this method here: Technology Related Problem.

Alternative methods

If you have any other ideas or preferences for online communication during the course, feel free to make a suggestion—Lux Writing Center is always open to new methods that work well. After all, the goal of the program is to provide personal writing instruction that is completely individualized.