Thank you so much for helping me write the essay for _______. I was able to get into ______ High School which is really exciting. I really appreciate your help.

-High School Student


woman wearing white karati g under blue skyThank you Mr. Lux for helping my son with his black belt essay. After, many years of hard work he is now a black belt.

-Parent of highschooler



I highly recommend Mr. Christopher Lux and the Lux Writing Center. My son, Andrew, is severely dyslexic and dysgraphic. He was a reluctant writer and had a very difficult time putting together any sort of writing assignment. As high school approached and his writing was still at an elementary level, I became concerned about how we could get his writing up to the level it would need to be for him to be successful in college.

We decided to try online tutoring, and Mr. Lux became Andrew’s daily writing tutor. He worked at a pace at which Andrew could succeed, and he slowly built Andrew’s confidence along with his writing skills. Andrew just finished his first college writing course with a final grade of “A”!  This gave him the confidence to enroll in college full-time. I do not think this would have been possible without Mr. Lux and the Lux Writing Center.  Thank you, Mr. Lux!

-Parent of highschooler


My child worked with Mr. Lux on her college application essays, and I’m glad we decided4D995046-F691-41D5-8661-A97968541A1A to have him take a look at her essays.

She is a good writer and had a lot of material and experiences to draw on. However, she found herself unable to look at the essays from a third person point of view. Mr. Lux’s help with this was invaluable. Furthermore, Mr. Lux’s guidance made sure that the essays remained hers and had her voice.

Mr. Lux was able to read her essays like the admission counselors will read — without knowing much about her experiences and background. Another major help was when she reused essays for slightly varying prompts. Some of the college prompts such as “How will you add to the diversity of College X?” and “Why College X?” can be challenging. My child says she found these the most challenging. She would send Mr. Lux a collection of thoughts and get his approval for the idea before spending more time on it.

Sometimes the feedback was a simple compliment on a great essay that made her day during the taxing college application process. At other times, his feedback helped her decide to completely redo an essay.

Mr. Lux is good at helping high schoolers work on their college essays. He provides the right amount of suggestion, encouragement, and often ends his comments with a “What do you think?” This is very important when working with 17 or 18 year olds.

Additionally, the five-times-a-week feedback works better than less frequent feedback from most other sources. If you have any questions, my child or I would be very happy to answer those via email. I welcome you to send Mr. Lux an email at and he will put you in touch with me.

-Parent of 12th grader


My child (8th grader) has been working on his writing with Mr. Lux for a few months now. I have seen a remarkable improvement in his writing, and it flows more naturally. The first accomplishment was that my child no longer dislikes writing. By letting the child take charge of his writing, and letting the child take the lead, Mr. Lux helped him get over the dread or mental block that each writing exercise inevitably brought.

A couple of things that also helped were that the daily work was the right amount – about 15-25 minutes worth of work. My child was fairly regular in the writing, and I managed to keep my promise of not looking at the writing. Mr. Lux was always receptive to any changes requested, prompt in response to emails, and able to quickly understand what I, as a parent, was looking for in the course, and what my child needed. In our case, Mr. Lux’s writing instruction provides a good supplement to the writing taught in my child’s public school. Not having to personally oversee my child’s learning of writing is such a relief!

Mr. Lux provides ample feedback to guide the child, to improve the writing, and to set the child thinking. The writing instruction is wholesome with emphasis on style, strength, and detail. I would highly recommend Lux Writing Center to any parent looking for writing instruction for their child.

-Parent of 8th grader


abstract blackboard bulb chalk

My son is just finishing his first month with Mr. Lux. I already see tremendous improvement in his ability to get through the process of writing. More importantly, my son is not hating the process of writing, but seems now to enjoy sharing his ideas and thoughts. He wrote an analysis of a Hemingway story for Mr. Lux, and got interested in the other stories Hemingway has written, and read several of Hemingway’s short stories. That is cool! The process of writing that Mr. Lux teaches is structured yet relaxed and gives freedom. He gives encouragement and see’s what is done well, as well as making suggestions for improvement. I am glad we did this.

-Homeschool Parent


I’m so happy to find this writing program for my son. My son’s consultant Mr. Lux is very professional. He gives clear step-by-step instructions to my son who is writing a research paper. My son learned a lot after one month of study. Mr. Lux is also encouraging. Before I registered for this program, my son was strongly against it, but now he is willing to renew it.

-Public School Parent


Otter’s been assigned a writing consultant who corresponds with him daily (during the weekdays). The lessons are totally individualized and the teacher we are working with does a FANTASTIC job. Every day Otter looks forward to seeing his teacher’s feedback and has really been enjoying the lessons which are broken down into pieces that are not overwhelming at all but very instructive. It’s the perfect match. He also lucked out getting a teacher who was an Eagle Scout and whose brother is a police detective! LOL… That’s another plus…I think we’re providing a good balance for Otter so that he’s not just having to deal with “mom” all the time.

The best thing…Otter actually told me he was having FUN writing.




Mr. Lux was the most entertaining teacher I have ever had. He is incredibly smart and he thinks like us, students. He puts himself in our position which is all a student could ask for. His class is easily an experience I will never forget.

High School Student